Welcome to InstrumenTube.com

Our platform was designed especially to help you understand and appreciate music – the music that you play on your favourite fretted string instrument. 


This site focuses on the hands-on aspects of music. It will help you practice and equip you to become a better musician. 

A groundbreaking formula


There’s no fumbling around with our formula. You don’t learn by ear, or by trial and error. Our method of learning how to play music is based on logic and visual cues.

Our formula includes:


  • a proven method (C-A-G-E-D)

  • a specific learning tool (InstrumenTube®)


The C-A-G-E-D method is a well-known learning system, popularized in the late-20th century. Its breakthrough was to reveal that the fingerings of chords and scales, form infinitely, transferable patterns. Instruments are also built according to this fundamental reality.

A new practical tool


We used these concepts to develop a device that helps you visualize the patterns of different chords and scales: the InstrumenTube. 

It's the first patented device, designed specifically for this purpose. 


Our “harmonized” method thus comprises a learning tool and a free method available online. Together, they will quickly teach you how to improvise, compose, and play melodies and songs.


How it works


If you take a close look at the neck of a guitar, you’ll see that there are only 12 notes on it. The notes repeat starting at the 12th fret on each string. It’s the same for all fretted instruments. 


These 12 notes are used to build chords and scales, and we created the InstrumenTube to make their logical structures more visible.




Since the first part of the neck is identical to the second, we have paired the fret numbers where notes repeat. The first section of the neck has been curved around so that the two ends join to form a tube. This gives our device its shape. 


And because different instruments – such as mandolins, banjoes, ukuleles, and 4-, 5-, and 6-string basses – have different string arrangements, we offer different models of InstrumenTube.


In short, with our learning tool, you can visualize the endless cycle of playing patterns, that will allow you to improvise, compose, and play. 

The “key” to making music plain to see


With our method, simply memorize the different patterns on the plastic stencil, used with the device, and everything becomes clear. For example, the orange pattern shows you how to play all the minor chords, on any given part of the neck. 


And since melodies are played over chords, you can also use the same pattern to create melodies over different minor chords.


Finally, our method shows you the different chords, available in the different scales.


A dynamic duo


When used in “concert” with our method, which is explained in free videos on our website, the InstrumenTube® learning device will help you quickly improve your playing. 


You will learn music simply and logically, but without having to know theory.  You may even be able to teach it yourself! 


Make your instrument sing. Play the hits you’ve always wanted to play. Get your InstrumenTube® today and hear the difference!